Terence Maluleke

Terence Maluleke is a Visual Developer and Fine Artist, who has worked with Walt Disney Animation Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, Netflix, and Triggerfish just to name a few. Terence is one of the founders of Kasi Sketchbook - a project that aims to create drawing clubs in the townships that will encourage young artists to daily “Draw Your World” in their Kasi Sketchbooks. In 2018 he co-founded a Media Network “Tribal Universe”.

Within the Fine Art terrain, Maluleke oeuvre centers on the figurative as his primary inspiration through the celebration of his community. In more recent work he has focused on exploring still life by depicting the lilly.

Maluleke’s distinct stylistic approach subtly lingers between illustration and the painterly, his colour vibrancy, as well as his use of line and geometric shapes create a visual bridge between his work as a Visual Development Artist.

Works in the collection