Terrence Musekiwa

Terrence Musekiwa (b. 1990, in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe) approaches art from a uniquely privileged background. Born into a family of well-established stone sculptors, he began carving at the age of five through watching his father wield his chaise and hammer. That is, one could say that at the age of twenty-four, Musekiwa already claims some nineteen years of experience, which explains his unique confidence and skill. Unlike many stone-sculptors of earlier generations, Musekiwa tears down the conceptual wall between traditional carving and contemporary art. His work begins with traditional stone carving methods, but it is brought to the fore of contemporary Zimbabwe with its pungent and satirical commentary, which focuses on religion, history, tradition and daily turmoil. Embedded within the stone are multifarious conversations and struggles. His use of chains, glass, wood, cloth, plastic and resin is intended just as much to challenge tradition, as it is to confront aesthetic and ideological preconceptions. Musekiwa graduated from The School of The National Gallery of Zimbabwe (2013). Since then his works have been exhibited and acquired internationally.Among Musekiwa's most important exhibitions feature Zig Zag Boundaries, at the National Gallery Zimbabwe & Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, NY (2016); Istanbul International Art Fair, Turkey (2015); Fearless Whispers, KooVha Creative Hub, Harare, Zimbabwe; Berliner Liste, Germany (2012); Jo'burg Fringe Art Fair, South Africa (2012); Young Zimbabwean, Gallery H, Bangkok, Thailand (2011); Art & The City, First Floor Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe (2011); Harare Paris, Pave d'Orsay, Paris, France (2011); Bukira (Fresh Growth), Mujati, Musekiwa, Dzingai, First Floor Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe (2011). Musekiwa is the recipient of the Peace of Art Prize 2011 from the Zimbabwe German Society. In 2015, he was selected for the Catinga Tabacaru's Gallery Residency Program, in Zimbabwe. Musekiwa lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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