Treasure Mlima

Born in Durban South Africa a “Modern African Child raised by the internet” perfectly summed it up, the journey of self-discovery through art and a step into spirituality. Self-taught? Debatable I had visual arts as one of my subjects in high school. That's the furthest institutionalized education in the arts I've received. A bulk of my knowledge has been drawn from the internet, for example medium and historical art figures. I live with the concept of trial and error and this is what people will be exposed to.

“You can never experience me the same way” I feel this inner voice with my creations. I cannot be boxed in and I'm not looking to tell the “African Story” in the sense of preserving diluted/contaminated history, well at least how everybody expects me too. I'm a Modern African Child and everyday it's something new just like the next person. My art is for anyone who sees value in it. Private collectors have pieces of me that will continue until I'm no longer here and maybe then the Treasure will be found, and it will make sense. “Never get tired of saying Thank you, Never be too proud to say I'm sorry”

Works in the collection