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Just a phrase, the complex ambiguities of human experience

Untitled, The series about nothing but everything
Based on my love and source of inspiration with regards to the production of my work, music. Untitled, The series about nothing but everything is an “EP/Mixtape” of artworks that are either foundation, continuous or future pieces, and everlasting concepts. Something for future pieces and everlasting concepts. Something for nothing...Untitled includes bubble gum artworks and an introduction to Agenda Art (tackling social issues/informing in general). The decision to title the pieces “Untitled” but subtly give them titles was to allow a wider conversation between the consumer and the artwork but also to leave room for proper placement when i create parent collections for these works. This method draws the consumer to somewhat understand me at least to my liking. My creative process is multi-layered, sources of inspiration running from mundane conversations to mixing or exploring color on the basis of the music I'm listening to. This is always disconnected from the context of the piece. I begin with rough sketches of concepts, after finalizing a concept through software like Adobe Photoshop I print out a large copy. Dark B pencils are used to color the back of the paper to make an imprint of the context. Once the outline is on the supawood, I carve. The choice of oil ink allows the possibility of two different textures. Wood carvings preserve my love for nostalgia with modern experiences.
Acquired from Imba Ya Sarai, Johannesburg, South Africa