Brett Charles Seiler

Brett Charles Seiler, b.1994, Zimbabwe. Works and lives in Cape Town South Africa. He graduated from The Ruth Prowse School of Art in 2015. In 2019 he presented a solo exhibition at SMITH titled "How I Forgot the Colour of the Rainbow". Further solo exhibitions include "Macho Man", "Tell It To My Heart", 2016 at AVA, Cape Town, and "More Scared Of What Was In My Closet Than What Was Underneath My Bed", 2018 at CIRCA Gallery, Cape Town. Seiler has also been included in various group exhibitions including a performance piece with Luvuyo Nyawose titled "Reading Homophobia", 2017, at A4 Foundation curated by Kemang Wa Lehulere and Zipho Dayile.

Seiler’s work takes the forms of painting and installations. The use of text and language is critical for Seiler's work, often poetic, religious and reads like a confessional. Dealing with ideas of romantic gestures and sexual interactions, Seiler's work dives into historical gay modes of communication and conduct. Bringing forward a collective memory of gay rights movements and focusing on the sexual oppression of gay men. This draws in feelings of longing, distance, and nostalgia.

Seiler’s work is often accompanied by performance-based works, process works, and interventions. Works that ‘queer’ the gallery space, including writings and imagery directly on the walls of the gallery - as a revolt or disobedience. Being from Zimbabwe, Seiler’s work is also highly recognized for questioning gay rights and the current facade highlighting punishment, education, media, and the institution.

Works in the collection