Sarah Grace

Having been home schooled by her artist parents Janine and George Holloway. She worked part-time with and for diverse artists from a young age, including Jane du Rand, Richard Hart, Roger Jardine, Andries Botha, Pascale Chandler and Neil Coppen deciding to commit to full time art practice in 2015 based in Johannesburg.

Grace’s approach to making work is deeply influenced by engagement with the natural world: “Going into nature, to the wild places hardly touched by human hands, my desire is to capture the spirit or essence of the place. To create an emotional connection between myself, the viewer and nature. Using a non-traditional method of painting to pour, scrape and slide paint over the canvas - using tools not commonly found in painting - to create stains and pools of colour that echo shadows and textures found in natural spaces. Layering textures and creating a sense of movement and life in every work.”

Recent projects include a 10 month residency and exhibition project with Hzrd Gallery, Johannesburg under the mentorship of Jonathan Freemantle in 2016, solo exhibition with Priest Gallery Johannesburg in 2018 and Priest Gallery exhibition project at Turbine Art Fair, curated by Wayne Matthews.

Works in the collection