“Where did we begin? If we’re here now, where could we have come from? The ancient cultures of earth often shared a belief in the world egg. The birthplace of titans and gods, who shaped the universe to give each of us the gift of life. If all knowledge was lost in our mental and recorded history, what would we believe? With the death of language, religious foundation and universal expertise in the sciences, what new stories would we tell? It’s human nature to create myths that explain our existence and weave the fabric of culture. Would we tell the same prehistoric stories that so many before us have believed in isolation? Would this cosmic egg be our new beginning? Through these organic forms; shapes and clusters, Sarah Grace has explored the human tendency to find shared meaning in the artifices we create - in order to support the myths or beliefs that bind us together. The artist is fascinated with the tension between our synthetic lives and the natural eco-systems that initiated our existence, finding a connection with a form of storytelling that predates civilization. Her choice of medium, technique, objects and subject matter was inspired by mythological symbolism and study at multiple scales of the ecological universe. The work celebrates the beauty of nature at these levels, embracing the connection between real and imaginary life forms.” - Sarah Grace
Acquired from First Floor Gallery