Ephrem Solomon

Born in 1983 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Ephrem Solomon observes his environment and presents socio-political works using woodcut, paint and mixed media. Informing his work are views of the city and the people that inhabit the spaces around him, as does a fictional world that exists beyond the present - a reality that is free from the limitations of anecdotal recordings of experience. Using black and white to symbolize this juncture in reality, Solomon presents his observations though symbolism and use of archival material, which provide personal and political narratives beyond his locale. In his works, the chair is representative of past, present and future authority, while slippers represent society. ‘We often do not see the presence of those chairs and slippers in our home. I question their power within the home, their ability to go unnoticed, yet be ingrained in our day to day activities’. Many of his works remain untitled, allowing viewers to identify themselves and those around them. Solomon has exhibited internationally, including shows in Ethiopia, Kenya, Dubai and Croatia. His works are held in private collections in Dubai, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and the UK, including the Saatchi Collection.

Works in the collection