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These works are the product of a year that has witnessed the artist spend ever increasing time by himself in silence, producing a series of works meditating ‘out loud’, as it were, on concepts of life, death, freedom, faith and happiness. They touch on borders – between people trying to get from point A to B, issues of travel and migration, as well as national boundaries – both physical and mental. Together, these blockades limit the free flow of human experience as they curb our ability to be creative individuals without hindrance. Solomon also ruminates on mortality, spurred by the tragic passing of a family member. “I have experience the silence in death,” he explains. “The fact remains that death is the end of life… or at least life as we know it. Death, dying and the afterlife are all shrouded deep in mystery, cloaked in darkness and generally surrounded by fear and apprehension.” The fear we feel towards this last, unknown barrier brings on feelings of powerlessness in the face of forces far greater than we can control. Death need not be a source of such apprehension, argues Solomon, for within this final act there is also beauty and the ability to re-examine our own perspective of life, and what is important to us in the here and now.
Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London 2017

January 6 2018

Silence Exhibition, Ephrem Solomon | Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery

May 12, 2022

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