Richard Nattoo

Richard Nattoo [b. 1993] born in Spanish Town, Jamaica in 1993, is a master of watercolors and figurative contemporary art.He studied Architecture at the University of Technology, where his interest in the world of the arts grew ferociously, propelling him into a career as a full time Artist.

Richard Nattoo is currently practicing in Ghana and I’m interested in Spirituality and Magical Realism through a Caribbean lense. His work is about memory and the reclamation of my childhood majic that was revoked by adulthood.

It's about learning to become young again and gaining the courage to oppose western ideals of what one’s life should be and choosing my own path. This is expressed through my Majic World which follows the narrative of an adult Wanderer and a child Majician, teaching the grown-up to grow young.

In this dark, surreal Caribbean dream world, The protagonists are at times, guided by fireflies and whispering messages from the Ancestors. This world is rendered with watercolors and Living Water from natural sources such as Rivers and waterfalls. Water holds so much memory and there is so much to remember.

Over the years, he has participated in many premier exhibitions at the National Gallery of Jamaica, in addition to international solo and group shows in the UK and Ireland. The genius of his mastery is in the use of watercolors, pen and ink on canvas using water from natural sources.

Richard is also a recipient of the 2020 Prime Minister Youth Award in the category of Arts and Culture. In 2023, Richard became a fellow at the Noldor Artist Residency, in Ghana

Works in the collection