Sechaba Nyenye

Sechaba Nyenye was born in Ficksburg (1982) raised in Lesotho and based in Cape Town. He met Ndzube in mid-2022, and assisted in the fabrication of the sculptural elements of Masemola Road.

Nyenye’s key interests are fashion and music, he is a rapper and clothes designer. For the last 4 years, he has been working on an album with his band ‘Nobody for President’. He wanted to create a costume for each band member, but from lacking the means to buy materials needed he would seek and collect remnants left by other beaders in Rondebosch. Instead of using these completed masks as costumery for his band, he gave them a life as artworks. Nyenye found that creating these masks gave him a sense of peace and the meticulousness of the work actively developed his sense of patience.

Nyenye uses beads for their cultural significance across southern Africa and what they represent for him - pride, power and identity. He is interested in the fact that beads were used historically as currency, and continue to have value in trade as jewellery, ornamentation and works of art.

Works in the collection