Assoukrou Aké

Assoukrou René Poupoint was born in 1995 in Bonoua, Ivory Coast. After studying art in Abidjan, he continued his studies in art history and archaeology in France. Then he reoriented himself in art school in Tours where he graduated in 2021 with honors. By placing himself in the shoes of a research doctor, Assoukrou Aké elaborates narratives that he calls “healings” through his multidisciplinary artistic practice of collage, painting, engraving and sculpture. His research feeds an art of translation for which he tries to transcend an equivocal visual aspect of violence and its capacity of mutation. In order to try to represent this unvisual concept, he constructs and deconstructs fragments of images by working with the material that he digs, cuts or tears to empty it of its meaning. His compositions with sinuous lines echo numerous references ranging from African tales to engravings by masters such as Poussin or Rubens, including Gustave Doré. Between symbolism and spirituality, his work invites us to question the meaning of existence through these dark and heavy atmospheres from which emerges a touch of serenity and hope.

Works in the collection