Elladj Lincy Deloumeaux

Born in 1995 in the West Indies on the island of Guadeloupe, Elladj Lincy Deloumeaux now lives and works in Paris.

At the age of 8, Elladj left his native island for Metropolitan France with his family. It is a total change, even a physical, mental and cultural revolution. Through his works, the artist explores an open and vibrant approach to the relationship between peoples and imaginations.

He carries out a work of experimentation and documentation, focusing on heritage and symbolic images as well as Afro-Caribbean spiritualities. It focuses above all on daily life, mythologies, iconography, beliefs, religious and cultural heritage of the Afro-Caribbean landscape.

Evoking a plural identity, Elladj Lincy Deloumeaux tries to analyse, deconstruct and capture its fragments and communicating vessels. By merging found or familiar objects in the still life and painting series, the artist delivers different levels of reading, social and historical.

His work is a form of initiatory journey, a reappropriation of an ancestral self that goes through a confrontation with its own darkness, before awakening to its own light. A passage from ignorance to self-knowledge that requires a «killing» of illusions.

Works in the collection