Peter Ojingiri

Peter Ojingiri (b.1997) is a self-taught artist based in Nigeria. He studied Biology at the Kogi State University and began his art practice in 2017. His most recent body of work centers on West African Folklore and Post-Colonial Theory within the realm of Blackness, unpacking critical themes that refer to a time in Africa before the colonial encounter. Ojingiri brings a new and exciting depth to the figure, creating mask-like visages instead of hyperrealist faces and bodies that objectify Blackness. He renders the bodily features of his subjects referring to traditional African masks, focusing on expression beyond the materiality of skin color. Ojingiri had his work shown in the collective exhibition COLLECTIVE REFLECTIONS curated by Danny Dunson at Gallery 1957 (2020) and this is his first solo exhibition with Gallery 1957.

Works in the collection