Daniel Gyekyi Gyan

Daniel Gyekyi Gyan is a Ghanaian contemporary artist; He discovered his talent at a young age and went to the Salem senior high school, Accra to study. He later went on to study at Accra’s Ghanatta College of Art and Design, where he graduated from Accra’s Ghanatta College of Art and Design in 2008 alongside Amoako Boafo. Each of his characters is masterfully captured with warmth, honesty, intensity, and raw energy as he brings his subject to life by using Acrylic paint together with modeling paste to create a great impression on the subject. Gyan also uses a pallet knife to create small strokes on his subject. As a seasoned painter, he masterfully communicate with the people in his society through his contemporary paintings. His subject matters sometimes are models, culture; children, and social life, in his series of works, depict African models and models in the diaspora. Daniel Gyekyi Gyan imbues each art with a sense of movement, alternately, stillness, and poise. He also uses much of his work, including portraits, stands proud at a sizable dimension, and still manages to captivate an audience and art lovers. Occasionally Gyan draws abstracts. Daniel Gyekyi Gyan's unique inspiration is central to why and how the subject is captured.

Works in the collection