Feni Chulumanco

Feni Chulumanco (b.1994) was born in Eastern Cape and moved with his family to Langa Township in Cape Town at a young age. Whilst studying at Isilimela Comprehensive High School he met Miss Nkunzi, the Art, Culture, and Design teacher who encouraged him to pursue his evident skill and passion for the arts. In 2014 Chulumanco met the artist Ayanda Mabulu at Greatmore Studios. This significant encounter led to him being mentored by Mabulu as well as interacting with a wide variety of established artists at Greatmore. In his paintings Chulumanco focuses on the depleted human figure, encasing them in glass boxes contextualizing the idea of individualism. Inspired by his own individual journey and personal growth, Chulumanco takes the viewer on a rich visual journey allowing one to focus on our own identity, self-worth, and sense of fulfillment.

Works in the collection