Taabu Munyoki

Taabu Muyoki’s interest in art first emerged when she studied art as a subject in high school. She went to pursue a B.A. in fine art at Kenyatta University, graduating in 2019. As a student, Munyoki took part in several competitions, including the annual Manjano competition where she placed 2nd in 2018, and 3rd in 2019. In 2018 she was included in Early 21st Century Young African Artists at Saatchi Gallery, London, a group show of artists that participated in the 2018 MASK Prize annual show. In 2019, Munyoki was an artist in residence at Nafasi Art Space in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She is currently based at Kobo Artists Studios in Nairobi, where she receives mentorship from Kenyan artist David Thuku.

Taabu Munyoki’s art evolves from observations of her world, human relationships, and her interactions with people and spaces around her. Her background - a Christian upbringing in the rapidly evolving urban area of Nairobi - is the lens through which she filters these experiences. Munyoki works predominantly with canvas, combining painting, printmaking, and drawing for two-dimensional works and incorporating resin for sculptural works. Her interests in illustration and graphic design lead her to work with bold colors and incorporate patterns in her work. Faraja (kiswahili for ‘comfort’) and Does My Hair…, both 2021 are two complementary works created based on her experiences of spaces where women have their hair done, and the attending politics of hair.

Works in the collection