Seth Pimental

Seth Pimentel (b. 1995, Johannesburg, South Africa) is a multi-medium illustrator, painter, and experimental visual artist. He studied at the National School of Arts in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. He currently lives and works in Johannesburg.

Pimentel focuses on pushing the boundaries of visual art's conventions by attempting to merge traditional and digital work, into a hybrid of experimentation. Continuously drawing and developing his style and approach to art-making, he uses his practice to highlight the nuances in his own personal experiences and aims to create a ‘visual bridge’ of understanding with his subjective experiences of dealing with mental health to a wider audience.

Pimentel channels all of his energy and emotion into newer, bigger bodies of traditional and digital pieces and has collaborated with numerous brands and artists from South African and around the world such as Netflix, Converse, Redbull, SneakerLab, Jameson, and Adobe.

Works in the collection