Amanda Shingirayi Mushate

Amanda’s works talk about relationships and how they affect the society. She doesn’t want to be held back by one media, instead she explores sculpture painting and mixed media art. She draws her inspiration from people around her and she paints and sculpt her happiness and burdens, and the things that she takes time to visualize. As the title of my work suggests, ‘Ndiri papi lapa? (Where am I here?) I created this piece with the sole intention of finding myself. I always find myself doing the very things I hate, that people always want me to do. I end doing things just to impress rather than confront people with my personal interesting views. The artwork is an oil on canvas consisting of portraits overshadowing my self-image. This is my personal writing about a ‘future’ to all individuals for them to never be overshadowed by negative influences that divert us to our true cause.

Works in the collection