Venice is a well-known place in Italy, liked by many people who flock to see it. It is old and clean. I have never seen cars on the streets. They use boats to commute. Do they swim in the water? Is it dangerous to walk by the water in fear of falling and drowning? Are they cautious of the water level? Did they purposely build their homes in water or did the water get there after the city was built? The houses look small: are they spacious enough for the whole family? If the water level rises while you are out, would you be able to return home safely?
How do people own property? Is it per building, floor, or unit? Where do they plant their crops or farm their animals? What about birds? What are the rules that govern the people? Can a tourist swim to their destination or is it forbidden by law? If an emergency happens, how do they rush the patient to the hospital? By boat? But it is slow. Do they experience traffic at peak hours when rushing to business meetings?
Guns&Rain, Randburg, South Africa