Additional Images

"Sweet and Tender" is an image of a lady who seems to be ready to submerse herself in this swamp of bees. She doesn’t seem afraid. In fact, she dances with the bees with her breasts exposed. In my eyes, this is her way of showing that is open to coming as she is bare with nothing to hide.

The red is used as a bridge between humans and divinity, it removes the veil between these two worlds and acts as the first point of contact for the characters and the supernatural. As much as she is dancing in between these two worlds there is a sense of control that she still maintains by the gaze she has.

The mirror is a medium that always causes the audience to get lost in the image by looking at themselves as they try to focus on the image at the same time. This character becomes the viewer and the viewer becomes the artwork as well.
Acquired from Flood House, Johannesburg, South Africa

30 November 2022

Old and Young Contemporary Artists; Different Context with Similar Styles | Art News Africa | IYANUOLUWA ADENLE