"As a conceptual photographer, I make use of a practice that amalgamates self-portraiture and collage making. The work that I create is a melting pot of all the images, sounds, and feelings that I have come across that I now use as reference points in my work.

Concepts found in constructivism and cubism intrigue me. The basis for much of my work draws from movement, language, sound as well as, the basic composition of one’s everyday life. Casting new light on the seemingly mundane and ordinary, I give the viewer unique access to a world reimagined.

I am attracted to the analytical framework that explores identity, awareness, perspective, and framing to be able to decipher a problem. With that being said, below are the blueprints behind my work: 1) identity, 2) Re-imagining 3) Perspective 4) Unlearning, and 4) Interpretation. These are the prisms that help in understanding and solving problems. This formula allows us to. explore and challenge the ideologies that govern the different facets that exist within you." - Lunga Ntila, 2019.
BKhz By Banele Khoza, Johannesburg, South Africa