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"Introspective Moments" are a series of random moments (not in a particular order) I have experienced these moments during the corona pandemic. Self-doubt, displacement, emptiness, silence, and many more others, so I began to search for meaning and more hopeful experiences or a more positive outlook. My search started when I came across the book “The Quiet Violence of Dreams” by K. Sello Duiker (this body of work is not an interpretation of the book) but it was a great help.

I think some of us more than others have felt a sense of emptiness or confusion as to what's the new normal is and what it means to us as individuals. Some of us even found new hobbies or new career paths. These random introspective moments are a search of constantly choosing the light no matter how overwhelming these darker parts of who we are, we must never forget the beautiful and the little sparks of light that make us these incredible beings filled with so much wonder and greatness. I hope we all realize there's more to us than the darker parts that we like less about who we are. My search continues." - Lindo Zwane, 2021.
Acquired directly from the artist