With a particular attachment to the traditional materials of her country, Amina Agueznay has chosen since the beginning to collaborate with master craftsmen with proven know-how, and to confront their expertise with her own creative vision to make us discover new forms of reflection around architectural creations. Through her artistic approach, she shows us an art in gestures, doubly activated, by operating at the forefront of contemporary Moroccan creation and by recreating social cohesion in order to restore the tenuous links between art and the limits of modern societies. Indeed, beyond the work itself, what Amina Agueznay weaves is this golden bond that unites beings in love with the beautiful work. His works, made of links and ramifications, reflect the potential of people's connections around a common project, the value of the community, of social networking. More than anything, it is a speech about Man that she proposes. On these non-visible links that trace the matrix of relationships, through exchange, learning, transmission. Combining modern blends and traditional weavings, raw material and refinement of forms, memory of gesture and forgetting predetermined uses, Amina Agueznay's work contains in itself the past, the present and the future and tends towards the universal. It also demonstrates how the relationship between art, crafts and folk art can still be maintained and revitalized.
Acquired from Loft Art Gallery Casablanca


KUBATANA, An Exhibition with Contemporary African Artists | Vestfossen Kunstlabratorium | Texts by Osei Bonsu, Nic Cheeseman, Kirstin Jjellegjerde, Lars-Andreas T. Kristiansen and more