Frohawk Two Feathers is the artistic alter-ego of Umar Rashid, born in 1976 in Chicago, Illinois. A performer, writer and artist, his work is filled with real and imagined colonial histories and often takes the form of mixed media paintings that resemble Native American ledger paintings. Central to the understanding of Two Feather’s work is a construct he calls “Frengland.” The artist explained, “Frengland is a place I created that presupposes that 18th century England and France were never at war with each other and that they merged into one huge, unstoppable colonial empire. Imagine all the countries they conquered put together. They’d put a flag in most of the world.” And Those Figures Through the Leaves. And That Light Through the Smoke is the second installment of Two Feathers’ “The Americas” series, which takes place on the continents of North and South America.

Frohawk Two Feathers' held exhibitions at The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, the Nevada Museum of Art, The Wellin Museum at Hamilton College and will be exhibiting as a MATRIX artist at the Wadsworth Atheneum in 2014
Morgan Lehman gallery. Acquired at Pulse Miami Art Fair in Dec 2010.