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« Nzoloko comme reflet à Venise » "Nzoloko as a reflection in Venice" It is a project conceived from my experience in Venice and the question of creating a conversation with the museum, the archives and the permanent collection of the museum. My goal in this work was to find the link or connection between my work, the city of Venice and the Capesaro Museum.
Nzoloko as a reflection in Venice, I conceive this project as a form of interrogation.
On this point, my project addresses the question of whether the symbols of ancestral African body scarification have influenced the symbols of the baroque.
Indeed, after visiting the Capesaro Museum and being in constant contact with the city of Venice, the symbols I saw in the museum and in the city refer to the scarifications.
The idea of this project is to confront and put in dialogue the symbols of the baroque that I found in the museum and the symbols of scarification of the body that I have treated in my work.
The choice of confronting the symbol of the Baroque and scarification in this project is due to the fact that I was interested and inspired by the architecture of the Capesaro Museum which was built in the Baroque style.
In this project, the works are made of rubber using the technique of incision and one of them functions as an interactive installation that projects the reflections, shadows of the installation scarifying the exhibition room as well as the body of visitors. In this work, I wanted the person who enters the space of my installation to remember something, either an image, a story, an architecture, the city and different symbols that is taken up in my works.All these elements allow to create a contact with me and it is also a way for me to enter in conversation with the museum capesaro and the public.
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