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This exhibition features seven new works that are part of René Tavares' most recent and iconic painting series - "Portraits for English to See" and "Cotton People Reloaded" - the result of a production and research process that crosses the fields of archive photography and painting.The title comes from the old Portuguese saying "para inglês ver" (for English to see), which emerged in Brazil in the 1830s when Britain called on the country to enact legislation to restrain the slave trade. Unfortunately, the regulatory measures promulgated at the time had an insignificant impact. However, the expression has persisted over time as a synonym for superficiality, being revived by the artist with this very meaning to highlight themes that are deeply intertwined with the historical and socio-political issues that have molded the construction of various African nations By questioning heritage that has been assimilated, neglected, and forgotten and challenging the rigidity of categories and prejudices, René Tavares aims to raise awareness and trigger processes of resilience and social empowerment through his work.The series presented in this exhibition are notable for their grandiose scale and the skillful manipulation of paints and powdered pigments, with which the artist creates landscapes with cotton fields and malleable surfaces, which often take on an earthy appearance. The persistence of the layer and miscegenation concepts define the capital structure of René Tavares' work, where the artist repeatedly introduces unavoidable conceptual combinations, cross-cultural and heritage references, and composite plastic solutions.René Tavares occupies a central position in the Santomean art scene and stands as a prominent figure within the contemporary art landscape of the Lusophone geographic space. In recent years, his visibility has surged both across Africa and internationally.
THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE, Lisbon, Portugal

09/10/2023 - 29/10/2023

Portraits For English To See | The Africa Center, London, United Kingdom