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"My relationship with politics is in a way non-linear, it is multidimensional and multi-faceted. I see politics as the complex relationship between a group of people – one that extends beyond state politics and stretches to include power relationships in a community, a company, a family, a school, a profession etc. My work attempts to interpret this interplay among individuals in groups at a specific period in time – at times seeing it as a game, where the different characters in the game try to influence one another or attempt to influence the majority so as to exercise their power... At the same time, one can be providing a visual form of questioning, somewhat giving an independent, alternative, creative way of looking at contemporary society. The artist then becomes some sort of information gatherer, one who captures the sentiments, hopes, fears, questions and pleasures of a society, and translates such information by creating objects that embody the information for an audience to enjoy or ponder upon. Someone once said artists are like emitters of messages, but they are like broken emitters, because they emit messages that are not the common view."
Richard Mudariki, interview for Art Africa, February 20, 2018
Lot 7, Curatorial Voices: Modern and Contemporary Art from Africa, Strauss&co, Cape Town, South Africa
Acquired from the artist by the previous owner in 2013.
Cotton Tree Collection.


Mutarera Wenguva | Stefan Hundt