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This work represents Moremi Ajosoro, a Yoruba Queen who lived in the XIIth century. She is known as a warrior Queen. According to the legend, she saved her people from the invaders by sacrificing her only child. She is usually represented in a very different way. I have decided to dress her up with contemporary clothes. The sword she holds embodies her fight. It can also be seen as a cemetery cross, symbolizing the death of her son.
Afrikaris Gallery, Paris, France

22/01/2021 - 22/02/2021

Point of Correction | AFIKARIS Gallery, Paris France


06/04/2022 - 24/05/2022

À rebrousse-temps | Manifesta, Lyon, France



Also Known As Africa / Manifesta Exposition À rebrousse temps Collector Book | Armelle Dakouo