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The LOVE/WATER textile works on linen highlight the parallel between love and water and how humans have a similar relationship and experience a spectrum of emotions towards these two enquiries — from tempting invitation to blurred rejection.

To surrender to water, whether swimming, navigating or diving, requires us to learn from cultures and histories and listen to our five senses. To believe that we can dance in synchronicity with the unpredictable forces of this wild element means trusting with spirited curiosity, intelligence and humility. The extraordinary is often uncomfortable at first sight and certainly, It’s Not That We Don’t Know How To Swim.

Rather, time after time, the greatest high is to answer nature and the sacred with a balance of childlike wonder and cool rationalism. So it is with love – inviting us to tango with a stranger, to allow the awakening of foreign familiarity, and let ourselves loose to an unknown song. I Learned From The Seas that the tides of love teach us to find beauty in the ethereal, the unknown and seasonal changes.

Impalpable unlike material objects, love and water only ask us to recognize their teaching and healing abilities. Alternately soothing and transcendental, intimidating and liberating, water is one of the languages of nature that love is to humans.
Ed Cross Fine Art, London, United Kingdom


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