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Blackness the series Due to Globalisation, Democratic decay, falling economic systems (corruption), famines, and war many in Africa are faced with the predicament of leaving the continent for greener pastures especially regions of the previous Colonial masters. It either stays and faces the demise of its livelihoods 'Head on' or falls together with its national economic woes. Since the beginning of the Pandemic 'The Right Wing '  Nationalist Parties in E.U. states have blamed Africans for bringing the Corona Virus into countries like Italy and remote areas of Greece. As preposterous as the ideology is, there has been Global truth as to where the Virus originated from i.e China. The question is how can Africans be subjected to this falsehood? All in the name of Rhetoric that stands against minorities of color. Thus the agenda existed in the E.U. for quite some time. This exacerbates the fear of Refugees as an unknown threat - an Alien form of 'Othering'. This post-modern (World war I and II )  phenomenon has trickled not only in the E.U. states but also in Israel where the abuse of Non-Jews grows rampantly. China being the epicenter of the Norval Coronavirus has subjected Africans to the abuse and blame for the second wave of this catastrophic plague. These Scenarios have run in conjunction with the 'Black Lives Matter Movement as small as it may seem these situations have been in parallel frequencies with 'BLM'  that ran a mock due to Police brutality in America. Therefore reinforcing the Complexity of 'Blackness' 
The Melrose Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

January 2021

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