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In this work, Lanise Howard continues to investigate the issues linked to being a young black American woman, searching for her roots. Using a large scale size gives her the chance to explore the relationship between humans and nature, which becomes an even more important element in her practice than before. The landscapes she depicts in the background of the previous works were more essential and could not be recognized as a particular place. On the opposite, the new direction she has taken is much influenced by the environment which surrounds her: the cities of California, especially Los Angeles. In “A Falling so Deep”, as in the other recent paintings, the sky is characterized by warmer and brilliant colors, conveying a sense of intimacy. Also, the vegetation is a bit different, becoming more luxuriant, in fact, now plants are not just a background anymore, but become a relevant part of the painting. Anyway, the human figures are still predominant. In this painting, the two young lovers are caught in a moment of tenderness, relaxing into a private and hidden Californian landscape, which appears located far from the chaos of the city. The characters are still black people, as always in her work. This couple tells a personal story, made by memories and symbol of tradition merged with a modern culture and context.
Monti 8, Latina, Italy
This work was a commission for the Africa First Collection