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"I was born in the early 90s,a time when the railway was one of a major resource and transportation prior marking Zimbabwean nation a breadbasket of Africa when the continent most in need of one. I was born into a community of railway workers, my father being the head of the plate laying department a job which was to be passed down to his son and the son after that... Unfortunately, the nation's economy and poor governance led to the industry and lives depending on it crippling into a scape of rusty railroads, cargo trains and stations abanded like a ghost town where once timid with life!... Walking and playing amongst the abandoned trains and trucks I visually imagined how they once were ...the passengers laughing with excitement baby crying in their mother arms and rapid movement of elderly people looking to find their sits and tickets for the railroad marshall. Simply, it's a vision of a decaying community." Epheas Maposa, 2021.   
Acquired from 31 Project, Paris, France

October 26, 2021

Avec "Smiles of Clay", la galerie 31 PROJECT présente la première exposition individuelle de l’artiste zimbabwéen Epheas Maposa | france info | Laurent Filipp