"My work draws inspiration from the conditions around my environment, including the people I see and interact with. Depicted in my work are often people I usually approach on the streets, start a conversation, and ask them to be part of my paintings.

The subject matter also includes my family, friends, and acquaintances. With the intention and focus to articulate the beauty and strength they pose, I paint their skin using purple hues, to symbolize royalty, luxury, and power.

I employ this to be my duty as an artist to recreate the image of these bodies in a new light, one that portrays royalty distinguished in their appearances and innate abilities.

The work also provides the viewer with the opportunity to peep into the lives and untold stories of the subjects. Embracing these beings this way I implore the viewer to stop, connect and engage with the bodies portrayed." - Qhamande Maswana, 2021. 
Acquired directly from the artist

23 August 2022

Galleria Art Back Cover - African Art Exhibition at Gordon Gallery (Hebrew) | Haaretz | Naama Riva


29 August 2022

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