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"I also want to wear the crown I hear people speak of, I don’t care how heavy it is or what sort of problems come with its weight. Being an artist is filled with nothing but nuisance with just the right amount of joy sprinkled on top to keep you going.

You find joy being in the moments that the work begins to flow, the love for your own work blossoms, the way the atmosphere around you just begins to change you will realize that JOY was not meant to be consistent because I think for anything that is, it's human nature to take that thing for granted. To overlook its importance and so it leaves yearning to be found again." - Kutlo Mabua, 2021. 
Acquired directly from the artist

July 31, 2020

Kutlo Mabua | Lerato Motshwarakgole | Lerato Motshwarakgole


October 6, 2021

Kutlo Mabua - artist in residence | Bag Factory Artists' Studios | Bag Factory Artists' Studios