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The artwork "Visiting the Slave Museum" is part of Teresa Firminio's series on Rewriting History. She states that rewriting history is an act of reimagining one’s past in a world of pre-inscribed histories that have set themselves as truth. she investigates these histories especially African history through a series of paintings. The paintings are constructed scenes of the past and present, and sometimes they intertwine. Teresa carefully collects images, old and new images, from magazines, newspapers, historical documents, social media, etc., and places them in her colorful boxlike stages where the characters can retell their stories or be in a completely new story. This process allows her to create alternative past, present, and future narratives of Africa, thus rebuilding her own archive of African history.
Acquired from Gallery 2, Eclipse Art t/a, Studio Nxumalo, Johannesburg, South Africa

September 2021

Studio Nxumalo and Gallery 2: Looking to our leaders for a cloud of ideas | Bubblegum Club | Joy Anelisiwe Mahamba