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“This set of artworks was composed in a period of time when I was very much concerned with using the act of drawing to record physical spaces and overlay a fiction to it as well. The act of rubbing becomes a way to situate me in a specific point in time and space; I had to be in a specific “somewhere” and “some-when” to make it.

In addition to that, I also began to incorporate anonymous figures and objects into the compositions. The anonymity is a portal into the logic of the drawings and so one can infer relationships between the elements that aren’t necessarily inherent to them. Different tile patterns and surface textures imply the juxtaposition of disparate dimensions, locations, and moments while the titles allow for one (of many) possible readings of the drawing presented.” - Jonathan Gathaara Sölanke Fraser, 2021.
Acquired from Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya


Jonathan Sölanke Gathaara Fraser, There Is a Time and a Place | Circle Art Gallery | Circle Art Gallery