The Paul Kruger gold statue on the floor is a symbol of the government, and was inspired by an article written by Steven Friedman: “How corruption in South Africa is deeply rooted in the country's past and why that matters." It is a reflection of the perpetuation of patriarchy that leaves women unprotected and excluded from conversations of power. This piece speaks to apartheid, colonialism, and corruption, the objectification of the black woman's body through media, all interlinked with the beauty constructs imposed on the black woman. The incompetence of the police and government to hold those accountable for the assault and murder of women. The collaged silhouette of what is supposed to be a man with emotions and associations around black women, such as the double meaning of “body counts“. On the right is the undervalued black female artist, who is left with nothing but a question mark on what her painting is going to be about.
Acquired from Latitudes Online