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"In this painting, I use a variety of materials to explore the notion of memory, which is central to my work. I’ve used gold leaf as a metaphor for the preciousness of memory in its relationship to time. In the same way that memories morph and fade, the gold leaf undergoes oxidation, changing color and form.

A sheet of cotton fabric acts as an expansion of the two-dimensional canvas, engaging the viewer in a more physical way. The tactility of fabric can allow us to understand memory as something that functions through all of our senses. I’ve then incorporated entries from my personal diary onto the fabric through a process of photo transfer. Diaries function as an archive of our lives and our emotions, and by doing so, I attempt to revisit previous states of mind, and also to question the relationship between image-making and our memories."

- Emma Prempeh (Artist) 9 November 2020

"Windows Of Emotion exemplifies Prempeh’s use of fabric and words in the context of self-identification and definition, as the artist portrays herself surrounded by books and a white fabric covered in entries from her personal diary."

- Mark Westall article for Fad Magazine
Acquired from V.O Curations, London, UK

October 12, 2020

The Faces of Love Debut Solo Show of British Visual Artist Emma Prempeh, of Ghanian and Vincentian Heritage. | FAD Magazine | Mark Westall



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November 7, 2020

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