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"Lord Efu's Demon Sons (Corruption Sequence)" explores how a history of images create a sense of cultural identity. Chioma draws us into her world of demigods and demons, creating tensions of lightness and dark, the authentic and the fantastic. As a daughter of two worlds—Nigeria and the United States—she has been granted a cultural saliency that allows her to be a chameleon, both an outsider and an insider. Her delicate and layered works borrow from the mythologies of the pre-Columbian Americas and West Africa, as well as the visual vocabularies of American folk art and Japanese manga. They reflect an affinity for transcultural bricolage as a tool for subverting the Eurocentric art histories and present-day cultural imperialism.

"Lord Efu's Demon Sons (Corruption Sequence)" is part of a body of work titled "Rituals for a New Direction" that was shown by Catinca Tabacaru at Spring/Break in 2018.  The Perez Art Museum acquired "Anwulili Made Us in Her Likeness (Conception Sequence)" and "Our Conception" - the two other works in the series in which Ebinama creates a new myth. We witness the goddess Anwulili creating life in her likeness... only to see that life corrupted by the demon Lord Efu."
Acquired from Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, New York, New York