"I would like to outline that, these figures that I’m currently working on under the theme 'COMFORT'. They are meant to serve a space of possibilities, one of the reasons I cleared the background to suggest no recording of time with objects or materials but a figure itself as an archive through their skin. I often produce works to understand my life journey but mostly in a spiritual sense, because the “Matrix” is already a whole lot of confusion so when I get crowded I will give birth to a piece that will sort of allow me the answers or relieve. USBANI was created specifically to suggest a direction after I had few dark experiences past two months ago which I can feel now I had overcome, I wanted a piece that will be like a light to me, that will remind me of the dream I once had of myself picking up GOLD by the seashores of endless GOLD stones, as a result, USBANI convinced me that I haven’t unwrapped the whole gifts I can’t allow to be pulled by circumstances”- Wonder Buhle, 2020
Acquired from BKhz by Banele Khoza, Johannesburg, South Africa

26/09/2020 - 26/09/2020

Viewing Room at BKhz Studio & Gallery in Braamfontein ,Johannesburg | Viewing Room at BKhz Studio & Gallery in Braamfontein ,Johannesburg