"'Becoming I' is an artwork part of a two-piece series. The work is inspired by the shaving of hair in which I have done several times. For me, this act is a way of setting myself free from beauty standards that have been set for me since my toddler days and are associated with my hair. From my experience, not conforming to these standards leads to society to treat one less than the average woman as there is a belief that a woman without hair is masculine or inferior and thus one is most likely to be marginalized. Seen in this painting is a woman in her own space who casually shaves her own hair and embraces it. This is a norm for her and thus her calm demeanor. She looks at her own reflection with assertiveness and confidence as for her this is her most beautiful state. Bare and shameless." - Zandile Tshbalala
Acquired from Son of Langa, Gauteng, South Africa

August 27, 2020

Tshabalala’s star rising in the art world | Sowetan | Tshabalala’s star rising in the art world