The Democratic Republic of the Congo and its relationship to Belgium provides multidisciplinary artist Aimé Mpane with a fountain of inspiration - not only in the strength and beauty he sees in the faces of his fellow peoples, but even in both countries' dark and complex histories. Although born in Kinhasa and residing in Brussels, Mpane would not consider himself a resident of either. Mpane’s artwork navigates through his personal and artistic experiences in Congo and Belgium’s post-colonial worlds and the relationship they now have, bravely exploring difficult and convoluted themes of identity and place in the aftermath of a painful history that continues to shape both countries today. The strength of Mpane’s work perhaps lies in his ability to use various media – painting, sculpture, installation and video – to both engage with his countries' difficult past and illustrate his positive outlook for future generations, providing his audience with an enriching view of identity and self in the contemporary world.
Nomad Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

June 21, 2014

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