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Using a mixture of found and made objects the work aims to make new meaning from seemingly unrelated mediums forced together.

The current Hull series of sculptures takes model boat hulls and transforms them into masks adorned with fishing floats, porcupine quills, and acupuncture needles.

The hull forms allude to the transportation of commodities, the process of trade and movement, but as masks, they represent a transformation of identity drawing upon the tradition of talisman, charms, or amulets. The fishing floats reference witchcraft/voodoo needles or nails, representing aggressive protection, creating tension throughout the works. The overall forms draw together the opposing aesthetics of attraction and repulsion; alluring and seemingly decorative pieces that on closer inspection provoke a sense of danger in the larger context of the globe, creating a series of multi-layered ideas.
October Gallery

October 5, 2021

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