"My work is meant to awaken a sleeping power within the subjects I have had the pleasure of meeting and drawing inspiration from. I often compare the lens in which our communities are depicted to a lens of a camera. I capture a moment of my subjects existing naturally and freely in their surroundings. This photograph, which shows the neutral colors and the potentially perpetuated sadness that is associated with Baltimore’s architecture, is then saturated for the work and the subject is given the vibrancy that they deserve. I utilize a continuous line technique to define the bodies of my subjects, as our bloodline and bodies stem from nature. An aesthetic that I liken to an aerial view of rivers and landscapes— a metaphor to those around me that we belong to a higher standard. The collaboration of my subjects, in conversation or artistic partnership, is repaid and celebrated with a dedication of 20-50% of the proceeds when the works are collected. The end goal of this series is to gain and provide the resources needed to change the dynamic and view of the city. It is an intimate, slow but steady process, but with one person and painting at a time — I believe we get closer to tapping into our divinity and shifting how we exist within our environments and with each other." - Amani Lewis, 2020. 
Acquired from De Buck Gallery, New York

04/12/2019 - 08/12/2019

De Buck Gallery Booth | UNTITLED, ART Miami Beach, De Buck Gallery