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Nocturnal Vision - Plotting Stars, 2019 expands on the artist’s use of playfulness of an image and found materials. Further collapsing divisions between painting, drawing, collage and sculpture, Shrobe creates this portrait through various elements including furniture parts, steel, cloth, wood, and flooring. Using multiple modes of production seamlessly, he constructs a world into which the viewer gets only a glimpse. Shrobe elevates the subject of the work to an unknown remote locale while taking on a larger than life feel, existing in a realm seemingly made up of both exterior and interior spaces. The man appears slumped in a chair with his hands crossed, the tiles in the receding floor panels morph into diamond shaped portals into the deep cosmos. The work brings into question ideas of identity, community and history, and speaks to ideas of presence and absence, leaving the viewer to wonder if the subject is asleep or simply experiencing a moment of internal reflection. Nocturnal Vision further expands on the artist’s interest in ancient creation mythologies and creating identity and self-hood within the mode of portraiture and figurative painting. – David Shrobe
Acquired from Jeffrey Deitch

July 14, 2019

Curated by Painter | Culture Type | Nina Chanel Abney