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This beautiful lithograph is the first edition ever produced by the artist, made exclusively for Gasworks on the occasion of her first institutional exhibition (15,952km) via Trans-Sahara Hwy N1(2019).
Hwami’s work explores issues around black subjectivity, queer bodies and personal experiences of geographical dislocation and displacement. Her intensely vivid paintings combine visual fragments from a myriad of sources such as online images and haunting family photographs, which collapse past and present into bold afro-futuristic visions.
Nzombe ne Karwe, meaning ‘Bull and Crocodile’ in Shona, depicts the artist holding a crocodile in her hands. ‘Karwe’ (little crocodile) is the nickname for Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Zimbabwean President who came to power in 2017 following the coup d'état that brought down President Robert Mugabe after 37 years. In Hwami’s edition, the artist represents the bull capturing the crocodile, suggesting that political power is ultimately accountable to the people.
Gasworks Triangle Network

October 2019

Interview with Kudzanai-Violet Hwami: (15,952km) via Trans-Sahara Hwy N1 | Gasworks | Gasworks