The ladder is a recurring motif in my paintings this is because by virtue of its shape, structure and function it manages to be a common household object, a powerful spiritual symbol (as in Jacob's ladder) providing a link between the earth and the divine world , as well as a useful if often
overused metaphor for many aspects in our material lives: Social ladder, Property ladder , career ladder etc. With no moving parts its unique characteristic is that it is able to symbolise ascension by way of personal desire and effort, in a way advocating determination. However our protagonist although lying comfortably on the precarious summit has a much more philosopical approach to the question of the ladder, recognising that many will not even get their feet on the ladder and that it is possible at any stage in the proceedings to fall down to earth.
Ed Cross Fine Arts 

Spring 2018

Painterly Paradise | | Emily Watkins


Abe Odedina: Love and Hate, Paintings 2013 - 2020 | Ed Cross Books | Texts by Katherine Finerty, David Remfry RA, Adjoa Armah, Emily Watkins, Ed Cross


May 12, 2022

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