Möller’s meticulous oil on panel paintings in particular allude to the linear perspective and geometric figuring of Quattrocento painting, while simultaneously evoking the isometric and first-person perspectives of early 2.5D video games. This style is itself a departure from previous work; kaleidoscopic depictions of otherworldly landscapes from multiple perspectives have given way to singular and imposing perspectival representations of cold interior spaces, enforced by the sharp right angles of walls, floors and low ceilings. The stylistic change highlights a broader thematic shift from the alien to an alienation, with the limitless virtual worlds we were promised by the advent of digital technologies now beginning to resemble a solitary and isolated purgatory.
Smith Gallery. 

January 19, 2022

On Love, Death, and the Divine: Reading Gitte Maria Möller’s work through the Major Arcana | Artthrob | M Thesen Law