Here again Ablade Glover revisits one of his favourite subjects with a focus on the major characters and players of the market, women. Glover’s market women are presented in a fashion parade. One has often thought that Glover appears more interested with the trendy middle class women, who are deeply conscious of their looks and “dress to kill” before going to the market. It is fascinating to note that when Ablade Glover presents the sellers, they are women who are usually more rounded in physique. The major actors of Ablade Glover’s market women are those who come to shop. In his narrative, he captures the activities that go beyond buying and selling. The artist exposes the most intimate and fascinating interactions taking place. It is in the market for example that the women rendezvous, relationships are made and rekindled, “breaking news” is shared and transmitted to all the corners of the communities.
Art House Contemporary Limited, Lagos, Nigeria, Nov 19, 2018 Lot 28